Caught On Video: Albuquerque Judge and Executioner Cop Shoots Cop, Because He Thought He Was A Bad Guy

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Albuquerque police released body cam video of an officer shooting another officer during an undercover drug sting operation last year that led to a $6.5 million settlement this week.

The video is graphic and shows an incompetent and trigger-happy Lieutenant Greg Brachle pulling up in his car, stepping out and yelling at an occupant of another car to place his hands in the air, who turned out to be a cop he had worked with before.

“Put your hands where I can see them! put your hands where I can see them!” Brachle yells at Albuquerque Police Detective Jacob Grant, who was sitting in the back of a car with two suspects who were already surrendering.

It then appears that Grant begins to step out, which is when Brachle fires several times.

“Oh, shit, that was Jacob,” he yells after shooting him eight times.

“Fuck me! Are you ok?”

“No,” Grant responds.

“I’m sorry, man, I didn’t know it was you,” Brachle cries.

Grant, who was shot eight times, lost 80 percent of his blood and was struck in the neck, shoulders, arms and legs. He has been in and out of the hospital since that day and has gone through multiple surgeries.

Under the settlement, the city agreed to pay his medical expenses for life. Grant turned 38 this month.

Brachial ended up retiring earlier this month, four days before a civilian oversight board recommended that he be fired.

The lawsuit filed by Grant alleged that Brachial violated department protocol by approaching the suspect car from the drivers’ side instead of the passengers’ side, which was where the two suspects were sitting.

The video shows at least two cops standing on the passengers’ side with guns drawn.

Another cop had been sitting in front of Grant in the drivers’ seat.

Also, both suspects were white, a fact that Brachle had known, but Grant is white.

The Albuquerque Police Department has shelled out more than $40 million in settlements since 2010.

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