Epic Video: Sheriff David Clarke Schools Controlled Media CNN’s Don Lemon

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WATCH: CNN’s Don Lemon Cuts Off Sheriff David Clarke For Speaking Too Much Truth


Chris Menahan

CNN’s Don Lemon threw a fit and cut to commercial after Sheriff David Clarke said the media narrative blacks are being targeted by “racist” police is a total lie.

Speaking on Lemon’s show yesterday, Sheriff Clarke asked Lemon, “When the tragedies happened in Louisiana and Minnesota, you know that twenty one black people were murdered [in black on black crime] across the United States? Was there any reporting on that?”

Lemon responded by asking him to “keep the volume down” in the name of “civility,” then asked his producers to cut to commercial after Clarke told Lemon he “wished he had that message of civility for these purveyors of hate” in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lemon went on to pretend he’s an independent journalist and literally said it’s “wrong” to assume anyone in the United States has suggested “law enforcement on the whole” is “racist.”

He said this despite that being the entire narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement which has been pushed by talking heads like himself and CNN under chairman Jeff Zucker for two years now. Their lies have culminated in Lakeem Keon Scott, Micah Xavier Johnson, Gavin Eugene Long and other African-American males shooting white people and police officers at random believing they’re somehow “fighting the system.”

These propagandists uniformly ignore cases of white people being killed by police and act like it’s police brutality when an armed child rapist who threatened a homeless man with a gun is shot while resisting arrest.

“Evil whiteys” elected a black president to rule over our “white supremacist” nation twice. That fact alone debunks their entire “racist whitey” narrative, yet media propagandists like Lemon give credence to these race baiting, Soros funded agitators pushing anti-white hate every day.


Larry Klayman last week filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama and Al Sharpton for inciting a race war. If our courts were honest, they’d be found guilty and the entire media establishment would be brought up on charges as well for fomenting this anti-white hatred which is culminating in multiple African-Americans going on white killing sprees.