Foam Boy Marco Rubio Is The Zionist Billionaire’s New Boy Toy For More Zionist Wars

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Did Marco Rubio Engage With Gay Prostitutes In 1990?
Did Marco Rubio Engage With Gay Prostitutes In 1990?

By Jack Allen

The Billionaire Zionists did well when they picked Drone Killer Obama, he was of course a great Boy Toy for the Zionist Agenda. He became a Serial Killer for his Zionist Masters, Now Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Bolshevik Jew Bernie Sanders (that thinks bringing back Jewish Communism that mass murdered the most people in history is a good thing) want the job of Head Serial Killer for Israel.

A closer look at why the Right-Wing mainstream media is pushing establishment golden boy Marco Rubio and who wants to see him win.

Patriot Protests Marco Rubio as “A Puppet of Jews and Freemasons”

Patriotic American stands against the “new American century” plot which was hatched by Zionist neoCONS and is now the slogan of the con-artists Rubio.

Of course, those always telling us how much they love free speech and “democracy” , that is the establishment supporters, were quick to violently yank the protester to the ground shutting down his freedom by force. These are the representatives of “free speech” which defined free speech as international corporations money, and their right to use this money(in their words “speech”) to buy our politicians.

These are people who will yank a American to the ground for his speech, and proclaim they’re “patriots” while supporting a Cuban anchor baby, who’s funded by international banks, in his push for illegal wars based on lies for foreign powers; with our soldiers blood.

From 2010: Senator-elect Marco Rubio (R) will head to Israel Sunday, reports Israeli news site Ynetnews.

Rubio gave a speech on Israel in June 2010 to the Republican Jewish Coalition “about the need for the United States to stand with Israel without equivocation or hesitation,” criticizing the Obama administration’s handling of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

He also called on the U.S. to move its embassy to Jerusalem and said that the U.S. should not push Israel to a settlement freeze before negotiations. Like America, he said that Israel was an “exceptional” nation.

Neoconservatives loved it. Jennifer Rubin of Commentary called it the best speech on Israel “since George W. Bush went to the Knesset.”

Remember, George W Bush got us the 9/11 attacks that most people know now were done by Israel, Mossad, Zionists and Zionist puppets put into office.

Video Below: Anti-Zionist Rabbis conveying message to Marco Rubio

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