Globalist Manipulator George Soros And Clinton Behind The Recent Rampage At A Chicago Trump Rally

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Infowars reporter Richard Reeves covers the Soros and Clinton connections behind the recent rampage at a Chicago Trump rally as well as the plan to sabotage trump at the RNC.[corner-ad id=1]

Zionist Soros And Communist Bolshevik Jew Sanders Declare War On Christian Donald Trump?
It Was Paid Soros Color Revevolution Instigator That Tried To Storm Donald Trump On Stage?

It Was Paid Soros Color Revolution Instigator That Tried To Storm Donald Trump On Stage? Opinion By Jack Allen My bet is the guy that tried to storm the Donald Trump stage in Dayton, Ohio had nothing to with the False Flag ISIS scheme but is more than likely a paid instigator from George Soros’s or another

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