Make Your Own Healthy Soda Without The Big Expense Of Small C02 Cylinder Replacements

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Make Your Own Healthy Soda Without The Big Expense Of Small C02 Cylinder Replacements

Home carbonation can save you money and does ultimately help the environment, because you are not contributing to waste via plastic bottles. It is also nice to know exactly what you are putting into your body

You can make your own carbonated healthy drinks with total control. It is fun to explore making your own signature drinks.

You can carbonate water, juice, cocktails, wine, tea, soda and beer. What will you sparkle? Be creative and get some healthy hydration.

The Benefits of Homemade Soda Water

Think of all the possibilities and benefits of making your very own soda. The process is basically water infused with carbonation and flavor. Here are the advantages of homemade soda water:

  • You control how much carbonation you desire in your drinks
  • This particular brand includes over 60 different flavors like orange, grapefruit, and even energy. You can experiment with their options or your own. Some people keep their drink recipes unsweetened, or even add wine. The technology permits individual preferences.
  • Think green. You are no longer contributing to landfills, returning bottles to redemption centers or accumulating plastics in the home. The manufacturers took the time to include refillable plastic bottles specially designed for this great soda-making product.
  • Your health. Soda with sugar in it is one of the leading causes of obesity, diabetes, and other health-related issues. People drink too much soda without consideration of future health consequences. While flat-based water drinks taste like they are missing something, adding carbonation can replace store-bought soda. You can make your drinks fizzy and low calorie.
  • Consider how much space you will save. No more bottles and cans sitting around, instead one simple machine resting on the counter which is easy and fast to use for a beverage.
  • The convenience is ultimately a time saver. The replacement C02 cartridges can be kept snug under a counter. When you want a soda right now, then you are not hassled with going to the store and lugging around your bottles.

Here Are The Three Main Things You Will Need To Save Money And Not Be Forced Into The Big Expense Of The Small C02 Cylinder Replacements.

1) CO2 Conversion Adapter for Soda maker & Industrial CO2 CGA 320 Tank.


2) A 5lb co2 Tank- New Aluminum Cylinder with CGA320 Valve

To fill your 5lb C02 tank find a local home brewing supply store or find an Airgas location. The C02 must be food and beverage grade. The average cost of filling a 5lb C02 tank is under $20.00 in most markets. Your initial expense will pay for itself in the long run plus you are in total control.

3) DrinkMate 420-03-3Z Spritzer Portable Sparkling Water and Beverage Carbonator with Two 3 Oz. CO2 Cylinders, Metallic Red


I really like this DrinkMate Portable unit. You can save money and use the 5LB C02 tank at home with the above set up but you can still use this portable DrinkMate unit with the 3oz cylinders when you are traveling, camping or picnicking. I ended up buying two of these DrinkMate Units.


Easy to use- Easy to install-Video For CO2 Conversion Adapter for Soda maker & Industrial CO2 CGA 320 Tank