Murder Mystery: General Patton Murdered For Trying To Save The World From Satanic Jewish Communism

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General Patton Murdered For Trying To Save The World From Satanic Jewish Communism

Book Confirms Assassination

Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton (World War II Collection – Available On Amazon

Murder, He Wrote…

… And he wrote the true story. Investigative and military reporter Robert Wilcox unravels the mystery surrounding the death of one of history’s preeminent war heroes: George S. Patton. Wilcox cries foul play and reveals the shocking truth behind Old Blood and Guts’ untimely demise in Target: Patton—the Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton.

Conflicting testimony, disappearing witnesses, missing official reports, a suspicious Stalin, and a lack of autopsy comprise the greatest unsolved mystery of World War II.

Find out “whodunit” in this thrilling account of America’s most famous general.

Patton Was Too Dangerous
Eisenhower was a clown, and it was the Zionist press that made him a hero. If Patton had political backing, he could have savaged Eisenhower. Patton wasn’t just a soldier, he was an actor, and a political candidate. He saw himself as an ancient Roman hero, another Caesar.

Patton detested Eisenhower. He saw the Soviets as the real enemy, and would have entered the race. Henry Ford would most likely have financed the campaign, and a Patton-Lindbergh ticket would have been very hard to beat. Patton realized World Jewry started WW2, and they controlled Russia, and he certainly wouldn’t have gone along with the farces of the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam.

Patton Fought Eisenhower Over De-Nazification

He was the military governor of Bavaria, and used ex-Nazis to run the country. He opposed Eisenhower’s orders to push ordinary Germans out of their houses for Jews. It was common for Polish Jews to appear at an upper-class German house and expect Patton’s soldiers to remove the tenant Germans.

Patton saw the Jews as instigators of WW2, non-combatants who refused to serve, and jackals who preyed on Germany’s corpse.

In late 1945, Eisenhower removed him from command of the Third Army and transferred him to the Fifteenth Army.