OH NO GMO – OH NO The Paid-Off Congress Just Resurrected The Immunity Of Monsanto & FrankenFood

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Six months have gone by since Congress passed the Agriculture Reform Foods and Jobs Act of 2013. In it was a provision that made the GMO giants litigation proof. The legislation known as “The Farm Bill” gave companies like Monsanto a six month-long immunity against any side effects their products may cause, but was only supposed to last for six months. RT’s Meghan Lopez has more.

Monsanto Protection Act Resurrected to Grant Biotech Giant Legal Immunity

The secret legislation that protects Monsanto from legal action is back thanks to corrupt politicians

Anthony Gucciardi
September 12, 2013

The Monsanto Protection Act that grants Monsanto full immunity from federal courts is back, and once again it is being pushed by elected politicians who have utterly disregarded the very people they claim to represent.

As you may remember, the original version of the Monsanto Protection Act was contained as a secretive rider in the Senate spending bill HR 933, which was rushed through to ‘prevent government collapse’. In other words, Monsanto nefariously planned the rider to hide within the emergency bill that they knew full well would pass the Senate. As a result, Monsanto was granted complete immunity from federal courts with regards to their experimental GMO crops — regardless of any scenario regarding Monsanto’s disease-spawning GM waste.

This means that even if Monsanto were to go and plant a genetically modified crop variation that was admitted to cause cancer, they would still be immune. Even if they went and created something called the ‘Cancer Apple’, for example, this Monsanto Protection Act steps in and holds even the federal court system back from doing anything about it. Monsanto is even now more powerful than the bloated federal government.

And that is, of course, due to the fact that major corporations are behind the politicians who are pushing dangerous legislation like the Monsanto Protection Act. It was actually Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri who originally gave Monsanto the pen in order to create the secretive rider back in March, giving corporations even more power over our legal system. It should therefore come as no surprise to you that Mr. Blunt received a hefty $64,250 to go towards his campaign committee from 2008 and 2012.

As usual, it turns out that the legislation favors whoever continues to pay off these corrupt politicians. And on a much larger scale, we must also go back to the fact that Obama was indeed the one who signed the Monsanto Protection Act into law. You know, the same man who claimed that he was going to push for ‘immediate’ labeling of GMOs in 2007 in a speech for the presidency.

Ultimately, I have written on the subject of the Monsanto Protection Act before, and the issue has now gone international thanks to the excellent activism of readers. Now, we must once again sound the alarm over the highly secretive and diabolical Monsanto Protection Act. Because not only is spreading the word required to defeat this rider, but to take down Monsanto as a whole.

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