Paranormal File: Caught On Video, A Demonic Possession in A Supermarket

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Paranormal File: Caught On Video, A Demonic Possession in A SupermarketDemonic possession is not new, but rather old, and it is a horrifying sight but a very real phenomenon. The latest, “caught on camera,” possession took place in a supermarket; and as the horror unfolded, the actual tormentor could be seen on camera.

Surveillance cameras in a supermarket have captured the moment a woman drops to her knees and starts screaming amid claims she was possessed by a demon.

In the CCTV footage, a middle-aged woman, dressed in dark clothes, walks into shot carrying items in an aisle offering blankets, duvets and pillows.

As she reaches the middle of the aisle, a package begins rocking on one of the shelves behind her and eventually falls to the floor.

She turns around, notices the packet on the floor and puts it back on the shelf.

But just as she does so, she suddenly drops her shopping.

The woman then starts moaning and turns around while shaking inexplicably.

A younger woman in the aisle then approaches nervously.

However, as she reaches out a hand, the older woman throws her head back and begins screaming, terrifying the younger shopper.

A man approaches and places a hand on her shoulder, but the woman lets out a blood-curdling scream, throwing the other shoppers back.

He then grabs her by both arms, calls for help from a shop worker and another shopper and appears to hold her down.

Next, he places his hands on her head – one one either side of her temple – and appears to perform some sort of ritual or healing method.

Man possessed by ghost on CCTV

Are these real or staged? You be the judge