Pastor Chuck Baldwin Explains Why He Left The False Doctrine Of The Strange Cult Of Christian Zionism

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The Christian Zionist Deception w/ Pastor Chuck Baldwin

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Thanks for bringing on a legit man of God to reach the lost “christians” out there, both did a great job. – Albert G

Synagogue of Satan is behind world Zionism. – Chris Duane

It’s better to be anti-Semite, than an anti-Christ! – bodyguard2301

Pastor Baldwin is right. As bad as it looks because of all the Zionist propaganda, God is waking His people up that they have believed a lie. I was raised in Zionist dispensationalism as a pastor’s kid but the Lord began to show me from the Bible around 2008 that it was a great satanic deception. I believe the key to anyone coming out of this is a love for the Truth which is the Word of God. That’s how it happens for those who are awakened; like Pastor Baldwin, a person must be willing to lay aside all their traditions and just get real with God. – Mich Amay

People are sick and tired of the oppressive tyranny being hoisted upon the American CITIZENS! – Doug Hendrickson

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