Press Release: New Music Release – Breaking News, We’ve Been Screwed by The Truth Tale

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Review by UpWindMusic

The Truth Tale is an Indie / Alternative Rock Band Project founded by singer-songwriter John Allen Mitchell in 2011. If you are an alternative rock fan, this freshly released track “Breaking News, We’ve Been Screwed” is just for you. The Truth Tale’s musical journey has been inspired by a wide range of influences, life events, and right now they are doing a great job by entertaining the audience in a positive way.

The Truth Tale brings alternative rock and drives it high and bright with its own unique vocal rhythm and style. Their musical backdrop provides listeners with the hypnotic good vibes that strong and creative production offers, yet their vocal performance and lyricism on top of this add something that puts their personal stamp on all that they write and release.

The honesty of the song is perhaps the most interesting element of it all; with this kind of musical backdrop, there is often a distant or abstract sense of the subject matter. In this case, the song has something very personal and real about it, and furthermore – the leading vocal is immediately easy to warm to. There’s a brilliant bit of character to the voice, and this is backed up superbly by a string of stunning, powerful vocals and instrumental performances, all of which help reinforce this sense of honesty and realness.

The vocal effect used on the track and the way that it’s been mixed in has a fairly unusual sound to it. The presentation is, as mentioned, generally awesome, but there’s also a lot about it that is different, and this makes it even easier to pinpoint that The Truth Tale sound. The artist’s voice has a powerful tone, and the rhythm of his performance means that each line and each lyric really strikes with a good amount of power. You notice the lines, you notice the words, and you pick up on the vibe and the feeling behind the performance.

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