Queen Clinton: Serial Killer And Liar Hillary Clinton Thinks She Is Royal And Is Above All

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Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t be in the White House

by Victor Thorn

While mainstream media pundits touted Hillary Clinton’s inevitable coronation as president in 2016, AFP staunchly stood alone, warning that her and Bill’s inexcusable crimes against women, rampant corruption, and illegal weapons trafficking in Benghazi would ultimately bring about her demise. Whereas conservative news outlets such as Fox hint at various scandals, they don’t possess the courage to expose those issues which AFP has regularly covered for the past decade. For example, AFP published Hillary (and Bill), a trilogy that devoted entire chapters to the Clinton body count, their involvement in cocaine distribution at the Mena, Ark. airport, and Bill s blood-curdling rape of Juanita Broaddrick. Few, if any, other newspapers can make such a claim. More recently, AFP lead the pack in regard to covering taboo topics. While liberal lapdogs at MSNBC and CNN begrudgingly referred to a so-called videotape that supposedly incited the Benghazi attacks, AFP revealed in full detail how CIA operatives and those at Clinton s State Dept. broke international law by funneling heavy armaments from Libya to Syria. Similarly, Mrs. Clinton cannot escape the fact that she deliberately lied to the families of those slain in Benghazi, an unforgivable practice that she continues to this day. Or, when major network anchors stop at the adulterous Monica Lewinsky affair, AFP blew the lid off of Bill Clinton’s sordid trips to Pedophile Island with convicted billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Likewise, since day one AFP highlighted Hillary’s Chicago-style quid pro quo tactics as Sec. of State in which she diverted millions of dollars through political cronyism to the Clinton Foundation. Lastly, instead of trying to bury Hillary s email fiasco, AFP realized that a pattern of deception stretching back 40 years would be her Achilles heel. Despite Clinton’s wall of denial, experts now agree that her private computer server contained reams of beyond-top-secret documents that were potentially hacked by enemy governments. Although this publication has never enjoyed the luxury of relying on huge corporate advertising dollars, we’ve still done more than anyone else in the media to alert everyday Americans to one simple fact: Hillary Clinton should not be crowned as the 45th president of this country. Learn More

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Hillary and Bill Clinton — The Sex Volume

In HILLARY (AND BILL): THE SEX VOLUME – part one of the Clinton Trilogy – Bill and Hillary’s meteoric rise to success is chronicled. It’s a carefully plotted path that eventually led them to the White House. But along the way, a series of compromises had to be made, including a prearranged marriage, clandestine assignments for the CIA, and Hillary’s ultimate role as a “fixer” for her husband’s many dalliances.

Pulling no punches, investigative journalist Victor Thorn paints a compelling portrait of secrecy, deceit, violence, and betrayal that shatters the myth Mrs. Clinton has spent so many years trying to create. This three-book series is the most comprehensive examination of the Clinton marriage ever compiled, with HILLARY (AND BILL): THE SEX VOLUME laying a riveting foundation for the next two books which follow: part two – HILLARY (AND BILL): THE DRUGS VOLUME, and then part three – HILLARY (AND BILL): THE MURDER VOLUME.

Get all the lurid details of how Hillary Clinton harassed and intimidated Juanita Broaddrick after her husband violently raped her, as well as the lengths to which she went to terrorize other women who were victimized by Bill Clinton.

– Extensive quotes from a plethora of public figures chronicling the Clinton Lie Machine.

– Who was Bill Clinton’s real father? Discover the startling facts concerning the death of William Blythe and why an overwhelming amount of evidence indicates that he could not have been the President s biological father.

– Learn about Hillary’s collegiate career and how it shaped her later views on feminism, globalism, and how to infiltrate the System from within.

– What one culminating event not only brought Hillary Rodham to the attention of Washington, DC s power-brokers, but also made her a darling of the mainstream media.

– Touching upon the work of Michael Collins Piper and other investigators, find out how during their academic careers Bill and Hillary were recruited into the CIA under Operation CHAOS to subvert the anti-war movement.

– Although largely ignored by the corporate press, read how Hillary’s family was associated with organized crime figures in the Chicago area, while Bill Clinton’s relatives were integral members of the notorious Dixie Mafia.

– For the first time anywhere: was Bill and Hillary’s much ballyhooed first meeting at Yale actually part of a much larger prearranged marriage engineered by shadowy New World Order figures whose ultimate plans led them to the White House?

– Despite being labeled radicals, volume one of this trilogy documents how Bill and Hillary were trained at three of the most prestigious globalist universities in the world: Georgetown, Oxford, and Yale; while simultaneously being groomed by such figures as Professor Carroll Quigley.

– Did Hillary Rodham further her intelligence career by infiltrating underground groups such as the Black Panthers, and was she also used in this same context to leak highly sensitive information during Richard Nixon’s infamous Watergate hearings?

– Why did Bill Clinton travel to Russia and across Europe during the early 1970s (at the height of the Cold War), and what powerful forces from Arkansas and Washington, DC used their leverage to keep him from being drafted into the Vietnam War?

– How has Hillary’s marriage-made-in-hell become akin to a prison sentence one from which she has no escape due to the severe consequences she would face in doing so?

– Also, Bill and Hillary’s sordid sex lives, including:

– Rape

– Gennifer Flowers darkest secrets

– A black love child

– The real reason why Bill Clinton lost his case to Paula Jones

– Monica Lewinsky’s possible role as a dual agent for a foreign intelligence service

– Hillary’s other side and her affair with a famous public official

– Fully referenced with nearly 1,400 footnotes. Check Out The Book