Scary Media: Time Magazine’s Grunwald Says He Can Use Propaganda To Defend Drone Killing Of Julian Assange

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Time Magazine’s Michael Grunwald Says He Can Use Propaganda To Defend Drone Murder Of Julian Assange

Yearning for Assassination of Julian Assange Puts “Journalist” Under Fire

August 18, 2013

Source: Common Dreams

Time magazine’s senior national correspondent Michael Grunwald rues for that day he can defend the US government if it decides to assassinate Wikileaks founder Julian Assange with a drone strike. “It was dumb,” he says, but what’s the deeper implication of holding, much less voicing, such opinions? (File)You can delete the tweet, just not always the message.

Michael Grunwald, Time magazine’s senior national correspondent, has come under enormous fire this weekend for declaring his support for the extrajudicial murder of Wikileaks‘ publisher and embattled journalist Julian Assange.

In what is perhaps the most singular and noxious example yet of how establishment media figures express their contempt for those journalists who have chosen to challenge government and corporate power as oppose to coddling that authority, Grunwald tweeted:

Though Grunwald deleted the original tweet—after someone pointed out, according to the Huffington Post, how it would “only encourage Assange supporters”—it was too late to stem the fallout.

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