So Haunting – The Entity is the nightmare that has terrified everyone all over the world..

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The Entity – Channel 4 documentary: The Entity is the nightmare that has terrified everyone all over the world. A nightmare that is so haunting that it gives one shudders. Sometimes it is a shadowy figure, sometimes its an old bag and sometimes it’s a demon. But whatever it is the entity has concrete effect on its victims. It makes sure that when they see it, its real and also they are awake. Science, psychology and all types of other behavioral sciences have given up in explaining the phenomena of all the hidden mysteries behind entity. This Channel 4 documentary film is produced by Jago Lee and directed by Mark Soldinger.

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The Entity – In this Channel 4 documentary film, a story of a lady is covered whose life has been cursed by the devil of entity since she was five years old. She tells that initially she saw a couple once, a man and a woman who came towards her. She got very frightened and wanted to call up her mother. She was entirely terrified. Her mother when entered into the room, it appeared to her that she walked through that scary couple. She became more frightened at this. She screamed to say that what were these people doing in her room. Her mother at this kept saying that it was just a dream and she needs to go back to sleep. She tried a lot to convince her mom at that moment, but she couldn’t do it. With the passage of time when that girl got older the entity’s made her more terrified. Now also as soon as she realizes that someone has entered into her room she gets into a form of paralyzing situation where she become totally numb; Unable to move and scream. She says that she feels like somebody has drugged her. She has named her entity as shadow man. She says that he is so violent and only comes to hurt her. He wouldn’t even care if her neck gets broken. He is always accompanied by an old terrible woman who every time when she appears sits on the chest of that girl, making impossible for her to expand her lungs and breathe.
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