Stop The Hitler, Germany, NAZI BS! Stalin And His Bolshevik Jews w/ Jewish Communism Biggest Killers In History

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Stop The Hitler, Germany, NAZI BS! Stalin And His Bolshevik Jews w/ Jewish Communism Biggest Killers In History

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By Jack Allen

Everyday you hear a zombie programed fool bringing up Hitler and NAZI garbage when they want to defame someone like Donald Trump. First of all Donald Trump has not killed anyone yet for the mass murdering State of Israel or the Zionist Agenda. Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton have blood on their hands with their support of Israel and Zionist wars. Obama, Bush and Bill Clinton were and are serial killers for Israel. So many innocent people dead for the Satanic Zionist Wars!

If you are awake and not programmed you will realize that to this day since WW1 the biggest advocates for war are Zionists. I know, I can get along with my fellow humans no matter if they are Christian, Muslim, Follow Judaism and any other religion. If they are not harming others, I say let them be! But if you are killing innocent people you are enemy #1 in my book and must be stopped! There is an evil force at play and I say it is hiding in the Jewish faith and it is Satanic Zionism. People that follow a good God don’t kill people that are innocent, like the innocent children, women and men in occupied Palestine. FYI, Israel is considered the most evil place on the planet by everyone except for Zionists and the Zionist Controlled Media!

Know Reality, Please!!!

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Dr. David Duke & Andrew Anglin Discuss the Millennials Revolution Against the Jewish Oligarchs!

Today Dr. Duke introduced his audience to a new article by a prominent Democratic strategist who says Trump will beat Hillary “like a baby seal.” The then brought on Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer to discuss his success at creating a troll army to break down the walls of political correctness.

Andrew Anglin explained how he has utilized over-the-top humor and millennial culture to create a weapon that Jewish supremacists so far do not have an answer to. He said that by mockingly embracing the negative stereotypes thrown at white nationalists, he is neutering the enemy and creating massive holes in the walls of political correctness that others can then drive a tank through.

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