Taxation Without Representation: GOP establishment cancels vote in Colorado, gives state to Cruz in transparent attack on Trump and his millions of supporters

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GOP establishment cancels vote in Colorado, gives state to Cruz in transparent attack on Trump and his millions of supporters

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We now have mayhem in America and reasons for possible martial law to ensue over GOP scheme to rig election

(INTELLIHUB) — In what may go down as the defining moment of the 2016 Republican Presidential Race, GOP party insiders in Colorado completed their scheme to cancel the voice of over 900,000 registered Republicans and award the states delegates to Senator Ted Cruz in what is widely believed to be a transparent attack on the candidacy of Donald Trump.

In late August GOP insiders quietly decided to cancel the vote of the citizens of Colorado,a move that put the election of delegates into the hands of establishment insiders and activists. Now, seven months later, the scheme has apparently paid off with Cruz gaining all 34 of the states delegates.

That’s right, the state of Colorado just handed almost 3 dozen delegates to apparent establishment darling Senator Ted Cruz without even so much as a vote being cast by actual citizens in a traditional primary process and they are not (at least at first) even trying to hide their reasons for doing so.

Shortly after the Cruz sweep of Colorado was announced, the states official GOP Twitter account gleefully published a message that should send shock waves through any American who still believes his or her voice actually counts.

“We did it. #NeverTrump,” read the Tweet in apparent reference to the astroturf movement started by GOP insiders to derail the legitimate candidacy of Donald Trump. Moments later the Tweet was deleted and party officials laughably claimed that they had nothing to do with it and that it was due to unauthorized access of their account.

To recap, Colorado state GOP insiders have openly silenced almost a million Republican voices and shortly after their conspiracy was completed they publicly made clear that it was directly connected to the establishment funded #NeverTrump campaign.

For his part, Donald Trump has responded with multiple sharply worded Tweets that have since gone viral, painting a picture of a candidate fed up with party elites trying to derail the voice of millions of Americans while making clear that he will not back down despite this transparent attack on American democracy.

The above quotes from Trump are extremely important in that they show that not only will he not stand down in the face of an establishment onslaught, but that he will rally his supporters in defense which could easily lead to mayhem on a massive scale if the establishment continues their dirty tricks.

At this point there seems to be only two logical conclusions to the 2016 Republican Presidential Race and both of them include rioting on a massive level.

If the GOP establishment gets their wish and steals the nomination from Trump his supporters will not stand down lightly. On the other hand, if the GOP does not steal the nomination then the various hard left organizations that are already protesting Trump will carry out their plan of mass riots in protest. Either way we have mayhem in America and a reason for possible martial law.

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